Sunday, November 25, 2012

Digging and Doubting Diigo

There are many internet sources where educators can share their triumphs and other useful information that can be used inside and outside of the classroom. I have been introduced to the world of Diigo. On this website, anyone can post different websites that might be found useful to others. Advertising, books, blogs, and databases are just a few examples of what people share. In my college education technology and design course, we were instructed to find different sites and sources that had to do with education. We were even encouraged to do our own postings of sites.

Diigo allows you to search for different material by using "tags". These tags will lead you to different sources that have to do with what you are searching for. For example, in class we searched for "Education", "Teaching", and "Tools". By using all of these tags, we were able to find better sources and sites for what we were looking for. Most of the material found on Diigo is interesting. The people who use this archive are more than likely knowledgeable and interested in the sources and topics they follow.

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Where I do see how Diigo can be useful to teachers, I do not believe it should be used as a primary source of structuring a classroom. Many educators have their own opinions on how a classroom is to be run and what material is to be taught. If you find someone on Diigo that shares your own opinions, than you could possibly find their information useful and thought-provoking. However, not every educator is going to be teaching the same material from year to year, or even the same material in different school districts. For instance, a teacher in Allendale, Michigan is not going to be teaching the same material or curriculum as a teacher in Davenport, Iowa. Also, not every classroom will ever be the same when it comes to the type of students in each class. Learning styles, personal lives and schools (public, private, etc.) will never be the same. Therefore, I do not believe it necessary nor intelligent for a teacher to base their structure of teaching according to another teacher's way. It frightens me that educators around the world will adapt to other educators' ways of teaching by relying on archives such as Diigo or other PLN's (Personal Learning Networks). As long as educators use this archive to enrich THEIR OWN skills, ideas and teaching structure, I see no wrong for using Diigo. The teaching world will always be evolving. Because of this, it is up to each individual educator to evolve with it in the proper ways that will not enrich the rest of the world, but enrich the students that they teach during a year of school.

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