Friday, November 30, 2012

Teachers Teaching with Technology

In my previous blog post, I talked about the different types of technology that have entered our classrooms in recent years. When it comes to teachers actually using the technology, there can be many different outcomes.

There will be teachers that are very welcoming, inspired and excited to use new technologies, there will be teachers that are hesitant when using technology, but will try to anyways, and there will be teachers who refuse to use newer technologies and resort to their personal preference of teaching.

It is important that teachers grasp the new technology being given them to use in the classroom. By showing that they are excited to use the technology, students will be more engaged when it is being used. By being an open minded educator, you will more than likely have an advantage in teaching curriculum compared to educators that are not as open minded. Teachers are constantly looking for new and excited ways to keep students ready and willing to learn. By introducing new gadgets like a Smart Board or Ipad, we can in a way, trick students into learning by making wide-eyed games and attraction to the gadgets.

If a teacher hesitantly uses technology in their classroom, students may not get the full effect or experiences that other students are gaining in a technology positive classroom. When it comes to teachers that refuse to use newer technology, those students are not getting any of the new experiences that other students are accumulating.

Why hold back the opportunities of your students or even yourself as an educator just because you are not comfortable or considered ready for to use such technologies? It's time to wake up and get with the generation! Technology is cool, and kids think it is too, so use it!

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