Friday, November 23, 2012

Tweeting about Technology and Teaching

By taking a course that teaches students how to incorporate technology in a classroom, we grasp an understanding for how the education field is growing and evolving. We have been introduced to the use of many different websites for Personal Learning Networks (PLN's) and different tools to enhance or make a lesson more enjoyable for future students.

One of the PLN's that we worked with in this technology course was Twitter. Twitter is often seen more of a social networking site for teenagers to follow their favorite celebrities and friends. However, I was able to see how many different accounts there is to follow with helpful hints or suggestions to teaching different criteria. While I believe it might be useful for a educator standpoint, I don't find it absolutely necessary to use. By using social networking sites, I feel like we could be going further and further away from the proper ways of teaching and subjects we are needed to teach. By taking or borrowing information from other random Twitter users that claim to be legitimate, we could be taking a risk by using what they have tweeted. I understand that many of the accounts are more than likely legitimate and useful, however I personally do not feel comfortable trusting many of the accounts.

Another reason why I do not feel that using Twitter is necessary is because there are plenty of other websites that give proper information that you can find easier than going through a Twitter news feed. Students may also feel awkward trusting information from a teacher that has come from Twitter. Especially high school students where they see Twitter as only communication between peers and celebrities. I would be uncomfortable trusting a website or information coming from a social networking site that I use for recreational purposes.


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